About us

Family business, Gift packaging Kunej, Marinka Lesjak s. p., was founded in 1990 and is located in the very center of the medieval pulse at the Podsreda square. We are placed in two locations. The lower part represents the workshop where we develop, design and manufacture small, unique gift packaging made of hard cardboard and paper. On the top level, there are areas where we have expanded our offer – this is where 3- and 5-layer gift-laminated cardboard and transport packaging is produced.

The company employs family members and 2 other people (5 in total).

Lower workshop

Upper workshop and storage space

Gift packaging is intended for gifting, sales and other purposes where in addition to its usability, appearance is also very important and in addition to the protection of the product of course, it also provides an elegant appearance and elegant design.

We are aware that the recognition of your name or the name of your company is important, therefore we also offer multi-colored printing of our packaging.

By choosing cardboard instead of plastic packaging, you also contribute to a better future and the condition of our planet.

We offer packaging for a wide variety of products and gifts, which can be packed in cardboard packaging made to specific measurements of your product.


Three-layer cardboard boxes are suitable for sending of packages, storing goods, protecting goods during transport, moving and archiving various types of products. You do not need any additional tools to assemble the cardboard box. The box can be assembled by hand using the asigned bending points. Then just tape the bottom and the opening where you will close the box. A large selection of dimensions is available.

Five-layer cardboard boxes are intended for the protection and transport of delicate and heavier goods. Suitable for sending heavier and sensitive packages, storing of the products, protection of the products/goods during transport, moving and archiving various types of products.

The gift-laminated and die-cut packaging is a combination of supreme elegance of the product imbued with the lamination process. This means that the basic offset, screen or hot foil printed sheet  is joined with glue to a hard cardboard of various thicknesses/corrugated cardboard. The special feature of laminated packaging is in the greater protection of the contents, in the durability, strength and load-bearing capacity of the packaging.


We try to produce everything that is dictated by the trends, above all we always try to adapt to our clients, we advise them and we try to help them decide what their chosen packaging should be.

Today, gift packaging should be something that people admire for as long as possible, that they feel the message of the manufacturer and cannot throw it away easily, or that they search for different ways on how to use it for a longer time with a new purpose and to encourage him to give a gift packaging to others himself.

In our industry, we have noticed for some time that the culture of giving gifts is growing year by year, especially in companies that already implement a planned approach. On the other hand, companies for which we produce gift packaging place more and more emphasis on exactly this type of packaging, as it significantly contributes to the overall impression.

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